2001 – 2020

Version History

Changes to Reason to Rock are listed below, with the most recent ones first.

Version 4.20 — Released June 11, 2020
Added pages for Jackson Browne and Late for the Sky.

Version 4.10 — Released October 15, 2019
Regenerated using the new version of Notenik instead of PSTextMerge. Other minor updates.

Version 4.00 — Released April 27, 2018
Added the Element of “The Unrepentant Human Voice,” plus the Artist page for the Grateful Dead, plus the Track page for “Box of Rain.”

Version 3.10 — Released May 8, 2016
Integrated the new blog into the site.

Version 3.00 — Released April 17, 2016
Design updated to be responsive and mobile-friendly, using HTML5 and Bootstrap; e-book version removed.

Version 2.10 — Released July 31, 2010
E-book released in the EPUB format, compatible with Apple’s iBooks for the iPad, as well as other e-book readers.

Version 2.00 — Released June 14, 2009
Completed conversion to XHTML, redesigned look and feel of site, cleaned up dead links.

Version 1.70 — Released March 9, 2008
Continued conversion to XHTML, and added new chapters on Jefferson Airplane and their recording “We Can Be Together” Also added a section on the tenacity of the composer/interpreter model to the Epilogue.

Version 1.60 — Released July 1, 2007
Began conversion to XHTML, and added new chapters on Robert Johnson and his recording “Come On In My Kitchen”.

Version 1.51 — Released January 21, 2007
Added some quotations from Ahmet Ertegun to the Buffalo Springfield page and the Recordings as Input to the Creative Process page.

Version 1.50 — Released December 10, 2006
Added a new chapter on Technology.

Version 1.40 — Released June 10, 2006
Added some quotations from Like A Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads, and some additional material to the chapter on Like A Rolling Stone. Also added a diagram to the Overview chapter.

Version 1.32 — Released September 3, 2005
Added some quotations from Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay, and some additional material to the chapter on Recordings as Input to the Creative Process.

Version 1.30 — Released December 18, 2004
Set up an iMix playlist in the iTunes music store with most of the tracks discussed on Reason to Rock (all those available from that source).

Version 1.20 — Released April 11, 2004
Added a great Robbie Robertson quote about Bob Dylan to the opening of the Poetry Plus chapter, plus a whole new chapter on Dylan’s great recording, Like A Rolling Stone.

Version 1.10 — Released May 20, 2003
Added chapters on Bruce Springsteen and his track Rosalita (Come Out Tonight). Also modified the Liberation chapter by adding some Bruce Springsteen quotations and some new closing thoughts.

Version 1.00 — Released July 13, 2002
First complete draft of the entire book published on the Web. Added an “Overview” chapter introducing the section on the Elements of rock. Added a couple of example Tracks at the end of each Element chapter. These essentially provide an alternative path through the material. Renamed the “Status (What’s New?)” chapter (this page) to “Version History.” Moved this chapter from the “Intro” section to the “Closing” section.

Version 0.33 — Released May 19, 2002
Added chapters on The Beach Boys and their track It’s About Time.

Version 0.32 — Released April 12, 2002
Added chapters on the Velvet Underground and their track Sweet Jane. Also added an illuminating comment from Sterling Morrison to the Chuck Berry page.

Version 0.31 — Released March 21, 2002
Added a feedback page, to make it a bit easier for people to send me comments.

Version 0.30 — Released March 2, 2002
Added chapters on Bob Seger and his track Turn the Page.

Version 0.29 — Released February 5, 2002
Added chapters on Traffic and their track You Can All Join In. Reorganized a bit, moving some of the less interesting stuff from the Intro section to the Closing section. Added a new chapter to the Closing section that lists all of the Five Star Albums.

Version 0.28 — Released January 12, 2002
Expanded the chapter on the Theme of Liberation and added chapters on Cream and their track White Room.

Version 0.27 — Released December 30, 2001
Added chapters on Buffalo Springfield and their track For What It’s Worth.

Version 0.24 — Released December 2, 2001
Added chapters on The Band and their track King Harvest (Has Surely Come). Changed link colors to more closely follow normal Web conventions, using blue for unvisited links and purple for visited links.

Version 0.23 — Released November 21, 2001
Added a Bibliography to the Closing section, and updated quotations throughout the site to provide bibliographic links.

Version 0.22 — Released November 4, 2001
Added an Epilogue to the Closing section.

Version 0.21 — Released October 21, 2001
Added chapters on The Beatles and their track Rain. Redesigned the Home page. Changed the default font for body text to ‘Georgia’.

Version 0.20 — Released September 29, 2001
Added a chapter on The Artistic Basics to the Elements section.

Version 0.19 — Released September 20, 2001
Added chapters on The Rolling Stones and their track Sympathy For The Devil.

Version 0.18 — Released September 9, 2001
Added a chapter on The Big Beat to the Elements section.

Version 0.17 — Released August 19, 2001
Added chapters on artists Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Derek And The Dominos, along with their tracks “All Along The Watchtower” and “Layla”.

Version 0.16 — Released August 5, 2001
Added the first draft of the “Summary” to the Elements section, “Intended Audience” and “Why Another Book on Rock Music?” chapters to the Introductory section, and the “Electronically Amplified Instrumentation” chapter to the Elements section.

Version 0.15 — Released July 15, 2001
Added a chapter on The Kinks to the Artists section, plus a chapter on their song, “Education” to the Tracks section.

Version 0.14 — Released July 1, 2001
Added the “Poetry Plus” chapter to the Elements section, revised the dedication page, and the Purpose chapter.

Version 0.13 — Released June 17, 2001
Added the Phil Spector chapter to the Artists section, plus the “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home” chapter to the Tracks section.

Version 0.12 — Released June 1, 2001
Added the “New Forms of Collaboration” chapter to the second section. Also made some minor formatting changes to the site.

Version 0.11 — Released May 20, 2001
Published the second chapter of the Elements section, “Recordings as Input to the Creative Process,” plus the third chapter of the Elements section, “Recordings as Works of Art

Version 0.10 — Released April 26, 2001
Published first draft of entire Intro section, the first chapter of the Elements section — “The Theme of Liberation” — plus Artist and Track info for Chuck Berry and Jesse Winchester.

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